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rozmiar obrazu 120 English translation examples

Zalecany maksymalny rozmiar obrazu: 120 X 120 pikseli

Recommended maximum image size: 120 X 120 pixels

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dyskusji Brak ID English translation examples

Brak ID kursu.

Missing course ID value.

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zobaczy dane swoich English translation examples

Umie?? kursor na zdj?ciu profilowym, aby zobaczy? dane swoich kontaktów.

Rollover the Profile Photo to see details about your contacts.

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opisowe nie s English translation examples

Uwaga: pytania opisowe nie s? uwzgl?dnione w tej ocenie.

Note: essay questions are not included in this score.

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powiod o si Niestety English translation examples

Niestety, ?aden z uczniów w podanej organizacji nie ma tego adresu e-mai ...

Sorry, no learner in the specified organization has that email address

Niestety, Twoje zapytanie o logowanie

Sorry, your login request was received in a session associated with a different user.

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